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What is?

Young Europe Orchestra

Young Europe Orchestra is a multi-national orchestra which will have musicians from different Balkan Countries involved in the project.

The repertoire of the orchestra will consist the music of the countries in the project, sheding light on cultural closeness as well as geographical closeness between them.

A New Project

YEO is a new orchestral formation of today's contemporary music. A modern respective of social and sensitive young and talented musicians.

Children of The Sea

The logo of YEO which point to musical richness is touching on the other side the great humanity drama that lives in the Mediterranean.Turquoise color intensity and mother-child dolphin symbols.

Young, Social and Contemporary

We are not just a music orchestra

Young Europeans have come together, using the power of art and music to discuss
the contemporary issues of Europe and the world's current issues on the humanity's
most brutal and tragic agenda. A voice as a breath of existence and shows the
universal language of music in the message.
Dr. Begüm Gökmen
Artistic Director
Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory İstanbul


Everything about the Young Europe Orchestra, concert footage, live broadcasts, documentaries, interviews will be on YOUNG EUROPE TV on You Tube.

Young, Social and Contemporary

we are a "true polyphonic" orchestra

Young Europe Orchestra will contribute to the agenda with its musical approach
and the social values it will talk about, with the polyphonic power of music behind it.
Murat Cem Orhan
Music Director & Conductor

West to East, East To West

The Orchestra will tour from Balkans to the Eastern Turkey

Non-Future Children

YEO will proudly support organizations that collect aid for children without a future


Please fill the application form to contact us and become a member of YEO


The YEO holds annual auditions in all 8 member countries in order to select the finest Europe orchestral musicians between the ages of 18 and 30.

Please check back soon the "Be A Member" page for information about how to apply for an audition in your country.